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Here, at the Sylheti Heritage Collection (SHC) we are working towards creating a better learning and understanding about the Sylheti culture in a open learning platform. The common and public knowledge of the community is collated in a way for the every day learning for the British born Sylheti and anyone else who wants to know, learn, understand about the culture.

There are wealth of information about the community and abundance of writers and "Desh Premees", but not a lot of information in easy to read and understand English. SHC have written books with the very people in mind. The books tackle subjects that matter and relevant to the community, its people and in particular young people of today and the vanguards of tomorrow.

SHC along with Bangladeshi East End and British Bangladeshi labels have produced books since 2017. These books contain text, pictures and tables for easy learning and reading, to be attractive for everyone. They are books on Sufism of Bangladesh, core roots of the Sylheti Muslims, then the Pioneers in UK, UK Bangladeshi/Sylheti History and much more.  These books are to support individuals who want learn about the Sylheti identity, in UK and as Bangladeshi, Sylheti living in the United Kingdom.

The SHC books are about the culture and will expand the range as time goes on, here are following 5 books that encompass the Sylheti culture and identity:

1. Hazrat Shahjalal
2. Mazar Sharif
3. Lakri Tura
4. Gilaf
5. Urus

1. Hazrat Shahjalal - book covers Hazrat Shahjalal and his journey to Sylhet. This book looks at him and his purpose in life and the outcome.

2. Mazaar Sharif / Dorga - This book cover the mausoleum and is produced like a guide book.

3. Lakri Tura - This book focusses on one of the traditions, and records the event with series of photographs. Lakri Tura is an essential part of many Sylheti culture and for many their identity.

4. Gilaf - This book covers in-depth another core tradition of the Sylheti Sufi traditions and has been practiced over 600 years.

5. Urus - This book covers the veneration period for the Sufi Saint Hazrat Shahjalal of Sylhet. This book gives in-depth look in to the customs.

All these books are core Sylheti customs and traditions, where a Sylheti follows sufism today or not, most fore fathers of Muslim Sylhet have found Islam through Sufism.

More knowledge based books about the Bangladeshi/Sylheti community through the "Bangladeshi East End Label", We are covering history that our fathers and our 2nd/3rd generation have made come about, such as the Pioneers of the 1980s, the Tower Hamlets and soon 70s and 60s.

We go on to cover some of our struggles in United Kingdom, heart of East London, Tower Hamlets, to account for the contribution to the betterment of today's Bangladeshi living with a voice and access to all services.

2019 waits to see launch of several books such as the, Altab Ali, Quddus Ali several other capturing the communities history in UK.

Bangladeshi Fish Guide Book, UK Bangladeshi Sylheti History Timeline, Bricks & Mortar are just few on their way this year, 2019!

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